DJ Sets
by Faskil

Alongside the more current DJ sets (that you can grab in the DJ Mixes section), we’ve taken the time to archive a bunch of old ones, from Faskil’s first web show Carte Blanche on, to his more recent Blended & Baked podcast. They’re (mostly) all there, free for grabs !

All DJ sets are encoded in MP3 using LAME, at various bitrates.
Complete track-lists are usually available in the related TXT files.
Download button is at the bottom.

Carte Blanche

Station: (Canada)
Sets: 22
In activity: 2006-2007

A 2 hour monthly show, broadcasted on, featuring a main mix by Faskil, and a guest mix by DJs like Derek Howell, Burufunk, Pole Folder, to name but a few. All shows are available in two versions: “broadcasted” (the original 2H show, as it aired) and “unmixed” (the two separate monthly sets, without promos or voice-overs). Please note that Episode 22 is only available in aired form.

Silly Waffles

Station: Frisky Radio (USA)
Sets: 78
In activity: 2008-2014

Following the end of Carte Blanche, Faskil launched another monthly show, on Frisky Radio this time, featuring a full new 120-minute set every month. No guest DJs in this one, except on the special 1st anniversary episode, which features 10 other artists spinning an exclusive one-hour set.

Chill0ut Sundays

Station: Frisky Radio (USA)
Sets: 6
In activity: 2009-2013

On a few occasions, Faskil also took the decks at Frisky on Sundays, to deliver a chill-out oriented set. There’s a total of 6 episodes, each offering two hours of mixed down-tempo tunes.

Blended & Baked

Station: self-hosted / (Canada)
Sets: 62
In activity: 2014-2017

Faskil’s most recent series, Blended & Baked spanned 31 episodes, all including two separate sets: a 60 min “groovy” mix, featuring clubbing tunes, and a 60 min “chill” mix, featuring ambient & down-tempo music. The show was also broadcasted on, a Canadian web-radio with a focus on house & trance music.


Station: various
Sets: 37

This section contains old sets that didn’t fit anywhere else. It will be frequently updated with exclusive, live & guest mixes.

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